Save time with our free contract templates
Using our Template Editor, you can customize any of these free templates to match your business requirement and save it for later.

1. Contract Templates

Construction Contract

This construction contract helps contractors define important policies and conditions of their agreement with clients.
Roofing Contract

A legal agreement that provides your clients with details and terms for their roofing project.

2. Proposal Templates

Contractor Proposal Template

This proposal template allows you to create a customized proposal and close more deals faster.
Painting Proposal Template

Professional-looking template designed to land painting projects. Outlines the scope of the job, cost estimates and more.

3. Other Templates

Rent Receipt

A rent receipt is physical proof of rent paid. It works as a legal document endorsing the transfer of money from a tenant to a landlord.
Invoice Template

A very useful form that can be used to send electronic or printed invoices to your customers.
Quotation Template

A very useful form that can be used to send quotations to your customers.